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Welcome to Musoshin Ramen



We are best known for our light yet rich vegan vegetable-based ramen broth. The broth contains smooth yet bold flavours without the oily sensation of traditional broths. Our pride lies in our in-house made noodles which are always freshly made using premium flour aged to draw out the subtle flavours to match our unique broth. All of our ingredients are prepared from scratch and with love and care, we hope that you can taste the difference!












Musoshin Ramen is originally founded by Shin Inaba from Kameoka, Kyoto. We have two locations in Kyoto and Ōsaka respectively, Musoshin Toronto is our first overseas venture.


Aoi Yoshida is our Toronto Chef and co-owner. Growing up on a dairy farm in Kyoto, Japan, Aoi cultivated a passion for baking and crafting traditional Japanese sweets. This grew into a small business called Hollyhock Japanese Sweets. When her old friend from Junior High wanted to open his first overseas location in Toronto, it was only natural for the two to collaborate. It is with great pride that we offer Aoi’s signature recipes exclusively here at our Toronto location! 


We are excited to share each dish with you and can’t wait to see you soon!


-Musoshin Ramen Toronto

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